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Disrupting Branding Agencies - Fabian Geyrhalter - Episode # 019

December 30, 2021

Fabian Geyrhalter is the Principal at FINIEN.  He spent years working at a different branding agency until one day he realized that he had it!! He decided to go against the grain of the dog and pony show and start his own business that gets right down to business. He joins the Host of Disruption / Interruption, Karla Jo, to talk about how he is disrupting branding agencies. 



  • There are three key ingredients for disruption; Courage, determination, and perseverance. All of these skills are needed if you really want to disrupt an industry.
  • Instead of being hungry for more work, it’s important to think about the direction of your company and where you want to go.
  • The agency model is broken. Every agency wants to become agency of the year instead of actually focusing on what they want to do.
  • In the time of the great resignation, people are looking at what skills they have and are deciding they want jobs that better fit that and make them happy.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no to a client. A no can open a door to a better yes.
  • A key approach to branding agencies is bucking the trend of the dog and pony show and instead let your work speak for itself.   
  • When working on a project, the vision comes down from the person that has hired you so you want to make sure that you get along with the person and agree with what they have in mind.

Quote of the show:


1:42 “I think there are three key ingredients, and the very first one is courage. You can't disrupt if you don't have guts, if you don't have Moxy. That leads me to my second point. it's determination. Disruption is swimming against the stream and it’s going to take everything out of you. So I really think courage, determination and perseverance are the three key ingredients to actually get to that point where you can disrupt.”


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