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Disrupting Content Creation - Chris Lamontagne - Episode # 015

December 2, 2021

After founding his first sports coaching company at age 20, today’s guest has been on a journey to create opportunities that empower the creator economy. Coming all the way from Liverpool, he has always been obsessed with finding the value in things. He’s an ambitious business leader with an innovative way of thinking and he isn’t ready to slow down yet! Chris Lamontagne, CEO of Spring, says that most companies struggle to keep up because they fail to change themselves and keep up with the times. He joins the Host of Disruption / Interruption, Karla Jo, to talk about how he is disrupting the content creation industry. 



  • The failure to reinvent is what dooms most companies. They need to see what is going on around them and adapt to the new times or get left behind. 
  • You’ve got to be willing to look at your company and make the tough decision to rip it up and try something new if what you are doing isn’t working. 
  • The social commerce movement was really started by the creator economy. A lot of these people had followers already from YouTube, Tik Tok and other platforms. 
  • We are now seeing that social media outlets want to take part in the commerce side of the business as well (ie Instagram Shopping or Shoppable pins on Pinterest)
  • People are starting to realize now that they don’t have to do their 9-5 in the same way anymore, they can make money from home doing what they love by creating new content on different topics. 
  • The COVID pandemic has allowed people to really embrace the passions they have and be more creative with what they do. 
  • Today more so than any other previous time, people are able to get their own content out and reach any audience they want to.

Quote of the show:


2:13:  “When I think about disruption and what that actually means for an organizations and companies, if you think about so many countless stories of companies that haven't made it, and I had just asked about companies that don't make it and why they don't make it, it was the failure to reinvent or the failure to spot that things were happening around them that they didn't react fast enough.


If you really go deeper into that source, I’d understand why didn’t a company reinvent. It's because sometimes there's an issue with not being able to recognize or be able to let go of the past and think about the future.”


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