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Disrupting Demand Side Sales - Bob Moesta - Episode # 016

December 9, 2021

Bob Moesta, President and CEO of the ReWired Group, has been a champion of disruption for over 30 years and earned the title “Disruptor's Mentor.” As a kid, he showed his natural inclination to mechanics and entrepreneurship by making ramps to ride his bike on outside of his house. Now, he’s helped to develop and launch over 3,500 products and services. Also author of “Demand Side Sales,” Bob joins Karla Jo to talk about how he is disrupting the demand side sales industry. 



  • There are two essential steps that are needed for disruption to be successful; one is that people don’t buy products, they hire them. The second is being able to empathize with the struggling moments that lead to disruption.
  • Disruptors come from the low end, meaning they don’t have much to go off, and they are often unrecognized at the time until they become larger. 
  • To understand a struggling moment, you need to understand not just who is struggling, but also the what, when, where, and why of the struggle as well.
  • Entrepreneurs often get too fixated on making sure that something is perfect, which then slows down the entire process of trying to get the whole system to work.
  • Demand exists whether supply is there or not. Demand is about where people want to make progress but they can’t.
  • COVID forced people to think outside the box in terms of jobs that they had. It allowed people to make trade offs and find jobs that work better for them in different ways.
  • Take note of what is happening in the world and try to solve some of the problems that people are facing but don’t quite know it yet (i.e. how Apple made better cameras in their phones).

Quote of the show:


4:08 “So the first part is understanding the progress. The second part is then understanding basically how to actually serve the low end, where you're just better than nothing. So almost all disruptors come from the low end and they are dismissed by the incumbents because they're just seen as well, they're just toying in something else. Like how banks looked at PayPal or Square as well, ‘they're just a payment processor.’

All of a sudden now they're bank. And they're going to actually be bigger than most banks very soon. And so disruptors come in from the low end and they serve the underserved.” 




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