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Disrupting Revenue Generation - Jeff Hoffman - Episode # 020

January 7, 2022

Jeff Hoffman is the Principal & Founder of RSR, LLC and the Fractional CRO of jeffhoffmancro.com. He has over 20 years of experience in disrupting and he developed a sales algorithm that elevates a company's offerings and how they are positioned in the market. He joins fellow disruptor and host KJ Helms to discuss how Jeff is breaking through to the other side of revenue generation.



  • The main ingredient for disruption is having a solution that the buyers at companies are trying to sell to. 
  • Most tech industries are small to mid sized. To make money you have to make sure your products are “got to have” products and not “nice to have.”
  • You can’t assume that sales people will have amazing connections and they will close deals. You need a product that actually improves something for a company.
  • Most tech companies are operating at less than $25 million in funding if they’ve generated revenue. Typically the amount is around $2 - $5 million.
  • A knee jerk reaction for companies is that they hire sellers and they expect them to be able to go out and make deals, but they don’t put any proper set up for it.
  • You shouldn’t focus on a playbook until you have truly mastered an understanding of who is buying from you and why. 
  • The three questions you should always ask is “why is this person interested, why would they want to buy from us and why would they want our services now?”

Quote of the show:


3:50 “I think a lot of companies make a mistake of assuming that the sales people they hire are going to have connections at companies with their own Rolodex and that they'll be able to just go ahead and make deals happen. But in reality, nobody buys like that. It's not a relationship industry. You've got to have something that's going to impact their business.” 


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