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Disrupting Technology Marketing - Genefa Murphy - Episode # 018

December 23, 2021

Genefa Murphy, the CMO of Five9, has found her path to disruption by using her extensive background in technology. She prefers to take the road less traveled, and likes to bring people and technology and help create an engaging experience. She sits down with fellow disruptor and host KJ Helms to talk about how she is bringing her unique energy and background to disrupting technology marketing.



  • The key to disruption is differentiation. You need to find what makes you different from everybody else in order to begin causing your disruption.

  • It’s better to be different than better. Just being better than your competitors isn’t enough to separate you from the pack.

  • Now is the time for marketers to come to the forefront. There’s a greater degree and emphasis on them with the customer experience.

  • There are more younger consumers of technology who have more disposable income, and they want their brands to be more open minded and give back to the community.

  • Know your stuff and have your data. You should know who your ideal customer profile is and what is your intent as a marketer.Try to be ahead of the game.

  • There are four factors for which most impact technology adoption; effort expectancy, performance expectancy, facilitating conditions and social influence. 

  • People will be more likely to adopt new technology if they believe important figures are advocates for the technology. Word of mouth matters.

Quote of the show:


1:48 ​​”Someone once said to me, it's better to be different than to be better. We could always be better, but it is better to be different than just being better. And I think you can apply that in so many different ways. 

You can think about that. You talk about my road to marketing. My road to marketing was different. It didn't come up through a traditional marketing path. It came up through a product management and a technology path. And I think that has helped me be a better marketer. My road to living in the U S was different and I think that has helped me be more culturally aware and value things like cultural diversity in team diversity.”


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